Does osteoarthritis have more impact than you think?

The individual suffering from osteoarthritis (OA)-related pain is not the only person affected; the domino effects of chronic pain on a patient’s function and daily life also impact on relationships with family, friends and colleagues. In particular, when family and friends take on the role of carers for patients with OA, this can impact their time.1

Who is impacted by pain?

How does chronic pain impact on the lives of people around Jane, a 55-year old woman living with OA of the knee and wrist?

The domino effect of pain

How has chronic pain impacted on the lives of people around Vic, a 67-year old man living with OA of the hip and knee?

What can I do now?

To reduce these domino effects of chronic pain, it is vital that people like Jane and Vic receive adequate pain relief – and help in navigating the complex healthcare network for their condition.

1. Barker KL, Minns Lowe CJ, Toye F. ‘It is a big thing’: exploring the impact of osteoarthritis from the perspective of adults caring for parents – the sandwich generation. Musculoskeletal Care. 2017;15:49-58.

The individual suffering from OA-related pain is not the only person affected.1

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